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As I have said before, what I love most about B-TRAiN is that we are like a big, noisy family.  I am so proud of this fact!  Many clubs can't claim a fun, friendly atmosphere, but we really can.  Like any family (and mine is a perfect example), we are bound to have disagreements, but let's all make a conscious effort to be kind and considerate of each swimmer.  Otherwise, I'm going to have to toss you out of a practice! :) 
1) If you arrive to practice late, please join in where everyone else in your lane is--ask someone where the lane is at if you have to.  Do not start from the beginning, or you'll be doing kick when everyone else is swimming, and vice versa.   
2) Remember to leave at least 5 seconds (watch the clock!!) between swimmers so that you have enough room to swim.  Five seconds is NOT waiting until the person is at the flags!  Leaving 10 seconds is optimal, and if the number of people in your lane and the set allows for it, please do leave 10 seconds between you and the person in front of you. 
3) Everyone has their strengths/weaknesses, so please seed yourselves accordingly for each set.  If you're a great kicker, you might as well lead off the lane and then there will be no one in your way!  The same goes for pull sets and swim sets.   
4) Some of my workouts are confusing!  Make sure you ask enough questions so that you know what you are supposed to be doing, and on what intervals.  I don't mind repeating myself--I get plenty of practice at home!  This is especially important if you are leading out the lane.  My goal is to ensure a smooth practice, with no extra breaks or stops, but if you don't know what you are doing, or what is next, then the whole lane has to stop and reorganize, and this is especially frustrating if you are just starting to get "in the groove" of your workout.   
5) As for passing...there are 2 options: 
--if you have enough room and can pass the person before the end of the length, by my guest and zoom on by them in the middle of the lane, making sure to watch for oncoming swimmers 
--if you are approaching the wall and there is not room to pass, please tap the person on the foot and then that person should yield at the wall for you to pass 
6) As you approach the wall for your turn, please move to the center of the lane, complete your turn, and then push off on the opposite side.  This will eliminate collisions caused by someone turning and then pushing off on the same side as they just swam down :)  I have demonstrated this a few times, but if you are unclear, let me know and we'll run through it again. 
7) I know that there are various strokes that people have not yet learned, or that cause discomfort/injuries, but with that aside, please try and complete the workout as stated.  That means swimming when it says swim, and not pulling :)  Or doing IM instead of all freestyle.  Again, this does not apply if you have an injury or if you haven't suffered through one of my butterfly "clinics". 
8) Please, please, please, stay out of the middle of the lane when resting at the end of the pool.  If you are in the middle, no one can get by, and let me tell you, I've flip turned right on people for that very thing :)  No, I'm not very nice sometimes!  If you need a rest, or want a break, huddle in nice and tight to the lane rope.   
9) And finally, have a good sense of humour :)  You're all half naked and churning up and down in a big bucket of chlorine--enjoy it!